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The People Power App Hits The Market

Today Team Armadillo is incredibly excited to announce the launch of our very first iOS App – The People Power App from the The International Center For Non-Violent Conflict.

Earlier this year, we were approached by members of The International Center of Non-violent Conflict to help create a unique iPhone app that would act as an aggregate for their various information outlets. The team wanted a customized app that would not only allow users to share the organizations incredible amount of unique data, but also a tool that would allow users to watch videos, download their paper Civil Resistance: A First Look, connect on social media networks and subscribe the latest news from the organization. The app also had to feature the upcoming redesign of the organization and their new branding scheme.

So we hand crafted an iOS app that would meet all of their goals. The People Power App is a unique tool that incorporates all the organization’s online identities in one single program to allow users to connect with the centre on the go. Users can see the latest news digest information, subscribe to the organization’s newsletter and learn about various non-violent conflicts across the world. Users can then share all elements of the app with friends and family to raise awareness of these crucial events and issues. The app also works across a wide spectrum of iPhone products including iPod Touch 3rd & 4th Generation platforms and of course for the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5.

We are incredibly honored and excited to be apart of this project. Not only because this our first major foray into the iOS App development world, after years of sitting on the sidelines, but because this is a cause and organization that we admire. It has been an absolute pleasure working with ICNC and we look forward to continue to develop the app and improve their online presence.

The People Power App is now available to download. Please feel free to download and share your feed back with us.

Nine-Banded: Picto-Canada Edition

This week’s edition of Nine-Banded looks at three of Team Armadillo’s side passions. Yes, it’s true when we’re not coding Drupal modules, pushing pixels in photoshop or cursing Apple’s XCode, we’re probably checking out the latest sports news, the newest CDs and of course catching up on the latest political happens with our good friends John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Nine-Banded - October 16th, 2012

So this week’s Nine-Banded is dedicated to the fascinating intersection of design and our side passions. (Read More…)

Armadillo Studios Takes in UX Camp Ottawa III

On Saturday afternoon, members of Team Armadillo were able to participate in the third annual UX Camp Ottawa.

UX Camp Ottawa 2012

The UX (User Experience) Camp in Ottawa is the largest conference of it’s kind in Canada, drawing not only designers and developers from the Ottawa/Gatineau region, but also from Montreal and Toronto. (Read More…)

Nine-Banded: What’s Old is New Again

Over the past five years the team at Armadillo Studios have prided ourselves on having an eye out for the latest and greatest in the Web Design and Social Media industry. Unfortunately, due to our increasing work load and growing family of clients, we’ve found it pretty difficult for us to write about these trends. So in a way to keep our blog a bit more active and interesting, we’ve decided to launch the Nine Banded series of blog posts.

Nine-Banded Team Armadillo

What is Nine-Banded?

Simple, every two weeks we’re going to put together a short blog post with links to three or four really interesting tid-bits of information. They can be anything related to links on design trends, the newest social media tools, records we’re listening to in the offices, stories or happenings with our corporate clients or industry friends, funny pictures or interesting events that we’ve stumbled across – pretty much anything that we think would be interesting to our followers. Basically, a way for us to share some of our knowledge and discoveries over the past few weeks, without having to be too serious.

So with that we’d kick off the first edition of Nine-Branded, with four fun links. (Read More…)

Jitterbug Events Launches

Team Armadillo is once again excited to announce the launch of yet another great web site. This time we’ve collaborated with our new friends – Illinois Based Jitterbug Events. Run by the amazingly energetic and versatile Terri Musser, Jitterbug Events is an all-in-one events DJ company that services the Chicago, Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Iowa region.

JitterBug Events - Header (Read More…)

The New Boy Burma Site Opens up For Business

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of yet another web site redesign. This time Team Armadillo Studios worked with our new friends at Calgary based T-Shirt company Boy Burma to not only revamp the existing site, but to customize a new e-commerce solution.

Boy Burma | The King of All Tees

Boy Burma, is a local T-Shirt Apparel company launched in 2011. The owner Jeremy, approached us early this spring to help bring his new and growing company to the next level. Since launching last year, Boy Burma’s unique design have begun gaining traction through various local festivals and word of mouth (for the record, as ravenous Flames fans, Team armadillo is very fond of the Classic Calgary shirts). But Boy Burma wanted to started moving towards a E-commerce solution and to start selling their merchandise online. So after a fantastic afternoon discussion, we set about rebranding the online identity and brainstorming the best solution for the company to reach it’s online goals. (Read More…)

Stampede Wallpapers 2012: Stampede Centennial Edition

For the past three years Team Armadillo has been showcasing our undying Calgary pride by putting together a collection of tongue-in-cheek Stampede Themed Desktop and iPhone wallpapers. So with the 100th edition of the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede officially kicking off in a few days, we couldn’t help but take another run at our annual tradition.

So Team Armadillo is back with four brand spanking new designs (including the always popular Twitter design for the #yyc crowd) and we also have iPhone/iPod Touch compatible designs. Similar to previous year’s editions, the designs leverage Veer’s amazing Calgary Font and elements of GoMedia’s Western Vector Pack.

So for your enjoyment here are The 2012 Armadillo Stampede Wallpapers!

Nashville North… April Babies!

Download: Zip File All Formats
Download: 1600 × 1200
Download: 1920 × 1200
Download: iPhone

Can’t Sleep… Rodeo Clowns Will Eat Me!

Download: Zip File All Formats
Download: 1600 × 1200
Download: 1920 × 1200
Download: iPhone

Mechanical Bulls… Breaking Bones and Bruising Egos since 1930

Mechanical Bulls... Breaking Bones and Bruising Egos since 1930

Download: Zip File All Formats
Download: 1600 × 1200
Download: 1920 × 1200
Download: iPhone

#YAAAHOOOO! #stampede100

yaaahooo!!! Centennial

Download: Zip File All Formats
Download: 1600 × 1200
Download: 1920 × 1200
Download: iPhone

A very special thank you goes to Jamie, Dan, Nathan & Louis for their great suggestions this year. We changed them up a bit, but to thank you we’ll be send you a batch of our brand spanking new stickers!

Happy Centennial Stampede Everyone