Armadillo Studios provides a variety of online web services for Businesses, Political Campaigns, and Non-profits. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of some of the things we can provide.

WordPress and Nationbuilder-powered websites.

Since 2007, Armadillo has handcrafted dozens of WordPress-powered websites for numerous clients across North America. The websites we build are focused and customized to meet the varying needs of our clients. We build them straight from scratch (no awkward and unreliable WordPress templates) to match exactly what you need in a website. In addition, our websites are loaded with all the essential Social Media plug-ins, SEO tools, and Google Analytics to help enhance your online presence.

For Business

For Businesses, Armadillo can create an easy-to-use and user-intuitive WordPress site to connect with your customers. We can also integrate your social media accounts, and customized branding and help incorporate e-commerce solutions.

For Political Campaigns

For Political Candidates or Constituency Associations, Armadillo can help create a customized WordPress website or set-up a specialized Nationbuilder account to help connect you with potential voters or your supporters.

For Non-profits

Looking to get your message out to potential voters, supporters, or donors? Armadillo Studios can help by building a customized mobile responsive WordPress or Nationbuilder website that is targeted directly at your audience to maximize your budget.

Customized e-mail marketing solutions

Armadillo Studios can help you build a focused and well-organized email marketing solution to reach your potential customers, voters, or supporters. Using the powerful and intuitive MailChimp e-mail campaign tool, we’ll create a customized template with your organizations’ branding and provide you with some important strategies to get the most out of your newsletter or e-mail blasts.