*Armadillo Studios* has always prided ourselves in creating great personal relationships with all our clients. Our philosophy is to view our clients not as customer, but as members of a big warm happy family. One of the techniques we have used to build that type of relationship is to provide a fantastic suite of personalized support with all our products. One of our key elements has been the creation of customized manuals to accompany all our web sites.

When we first started creating these manuals, things were a bit simpler. WordPress was a very standard tool and our client pool was much more manageable. But as our sites have became more complex and our client base has grown, it has become more difficult to provide comprehensive instruction manuals that cover all aspects of our clients products.

So like any good company we have chosen to grow and adapt. Since the beginning of September we’ve taken the bold step towards *developing customized video tutorials*.

The Big Switch From Paper To Video Tutorials

So far the positive response from our clients has been overwhelming. Not only has this processes alleviated the exhaustive time commitments of creating customized manuals through Microsoft Word, but it has also improved our turn around time with our clients; allowing us to provide a better product and service.

From a client perspective, these new video tutorials are a great companion to our web site support package. From the feedback we’ve received these new videos dramatically reduce the initial intimidation of the WordPress tool. One of negatives with written instruction manuals is that it relies too heavily on a standard understanding of technology and is far too open for interpretation, leading to some frustration. But our new hands-on video tutorials, essentially eliminate those inherit fears. In about 15 minutes, we can easily create a custom tutorial for a client showing them the simplicity of WordPress by using their own web site. Which in turn provides a visual connection to the WordPress CMS and also dramatically reduces the fear _”of breaking the site”_, which is something that is very common with many clients.

Just to show you the power of these video tutorial we’ve created a simple video tutorial on our favourite WordPress user interface tricks. We’ve also embedded it below for everyone to take a look.

Now imagine trying to explain these simple techniques in a Word document. You can probably already see the benefits of this new product.

Anyways, as we move forward with these new tutorials, we’d like to offer to redo any tutorials for our existing clients – heck we may even produce tutorials just for fun. If you’re interested in seeing a specific tutorial just get in contact with us.