On Saturday afternoon, members of Team Armadillo were able to participate in the third annual “UX Camp Ottawa”:http://uxcampottawa.org/.

UX Camp Ottawa 2012

The UX (User Experience) Camp in Ottawa is the largest conference of it’s kind in Canada, drawing not only designers and developers from the Ottawa/Gatineau region, but also from Montreal and Toronto. This year’s conference was a two day event, comprising of a full day conference of speakers on Saturday and a design camp on Sunday. Members of Team Armadillo took in a full days worth of fascinating speakers on Saturday, which allowed our us to get a first-hand look at the active design and development community in Ottawa.

The Saturday conference was jam-packed with interesting sessions, including topics revolving around the role of design and the user experience in everyday product and business design to the various issues regarding accessibility within the user design experience. Of the talks that we took in, the most notable discussions for our team revolved around “Philadeplhia-based Jessica Ivins’ discussion on designing for the female audience”:http://uxcampottawa.org/happy-cogs-jessica-ivins-will-feature-at-uxcamp-2012/, Shai Idelson’s full blown debate on the “design lessons from _Evil Admen_”:http://uxcampottawa.org/shai-idelsons-uxcamp-debut-deals-with-evil-ad-people/ and most importantly Jess McMullin’s talk on “user experience as a key factor of encouraging Citizen Engagement”:http://uxcampottawa.org/jess-mcmullin-also-returns-to-ottawa-in-2012/. As you can tell from our brief little run through the day was filled with wide-spectrum of topics and was a great window into the ever changing world of user experience.

We had a great time at UX Camp Ottawa and want to send a quick shout out to all of the volunteers and organizers of this great event. Because of which, we’re already looking forward to partaking in next year’s addition.