About a week ago, Team Armadillo Studios was approached by Darren Harmon and our friends at “WMS Communications”:http://www.wmscommunications.com to help with a new project. Darren was looking for a fresh new look for his band’s web site (“http://harmonband.com”:http://www.harmonband.com) to coincide with a headlining gig at a local Calgary-based charity. So, armed with a tight timeline and a great new client, the team at Armadillo Studios set about revamping the band’s main site in time for the big show.


Due to the short timeline of the launch, we were only able to lay down the skeleton and the structure for the new web site in a single splash page; but over the next few weeks we’ll be working to create a fully functional site for the band that will act as a central hub for gigs, social media and the latest news. The new look pulls heavily off of the band’s agressive guitar drive sound, while also creating an approachable vibe that is sure to entice visitors and the band’s faithful. We crafted a unique aesthetic that highlights the existing elements of the bands brand through it’s unique logo and also stunning photography.

This landing page also acts as a subtle hint as to the direction of the new site; showcasing how the next rendition will act not only as a site, but as a focal point for the band’s online activities. We incorporated an embedded media player which allows vistors to listen to the band’s latest track _Red_ right in the landing site and also a newsletter sign-up form to allow users to sign-up for the latest news from the band. We also incorporated links to the band’s other online properties, which enables users to connect to the band’s “Twitter”:https://twitter.com/HarmonBand, “Facebook”:https://www.facebook.com/HarmonBand, “MySpace”:http://www.myspace.com/harmonband and “Reverb Nation”:http://www.reverbnation.com/harmon profiles.

Press Play. And Listen Loud.

Over the next few weeks, Team Armadillo will be working with Darren to the help expand the site, incorporating a more content, a blog, a fully functionally media page and of course an online retail outlet. We are incredibly excited to be working with this great Calgary based talent and we look forward to helping Darren grow his already strong fan-base.