With the Calgary municipal campaign just around the corner Armadillo Studios is proud to announce the launch of James Maxim’s 2013 campaign for Ward 11 Councillor.


In conjunction with the always wonderful team at WMS Communications, we set about crafting a versatile and fully responsive web site that would capture the professional attitude of this great candidate. Powered by everyone’s favourite content management system – WordPress – James Maxim’s site is a simple yet sophisticated design, which leverages web fonts and typography inconjunction with the Campaign’s current branding to provide a unique and attractive layout. The overall design leverages key elements of good political web design, to not only highlight James’ personality and professionalism, but to also drive the user to a series of action items (donate, volunteer, events). The site is also designed to be easy to navigate and also provide ample opportunity for potential supporters to connect with the campaign through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and of course the campaign’s Mailchimp newsletter.

While maintaining our usual standard design and development practises, we also crafted together some key form interfaces using Gravity Forms and Mail Chimp. With these custom forms, the campaign team has a simple integration with the team’s Mail Chimp account to allow the team to collect potential voter and supporter information . And Last but not least, James’ site is our first fully responsive web site. Meaning that only does it look sharp on all standard desktops and laptops, but is scalable for all mobile and tablet devices.


Now as with every campaign, the site is an evolving project and we will be adding new functionality up until October 21st, 2013. The next stage of the project, involves adding a PayPal integration for donations, revealing the blog and campaign news content and incorporating more photos of James on the campaign trail.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of James’ team and we look forward to working with the campaign during the home stretch of the campaign.