Back in 2007 when Armadillo Studios was just getting our feet wet in the world of the internetz, we crafted a simple WordPress site for our good friend Jamie Rennie. The site was called Jamie’s Dictionary and was a great little pop-culture blog. Nothing too special, but it was a great learning experience for both parties.

Medium Roar Redesign - 2012

Now fast forward four odd years and we’ve teamed-up with Jamie once again for the release of “”:

From Jamie’s Dictionary to Medium Roar

Jamie’s Dictionary was essentially his first venture into the online world of publishing and the content revolved around discussions of pop-culture. With we wanted to provide Jamie with the same sort of freedom to explore different cultural topics, but to also create a design which helped to build his personal branding as an up and coming new media academic.

Medium Roar Redesign - 2012

The design of “”: is a more scaled down version of our typical WordPress blog theme. Rather than overloading the design with a slew of unnecessary tools, we instead reduced the clutter to channel the user’s focus on the most important aspect of the site – the content. We also paired down the sidebar with a simplified navigation system to streamline the user experience. But while the goal was to keep things simple we also wanted to help encourage constructive discussion on the site. So we included the Intense Debate commenting tool and Tweetmeme to allow users to share his insights with the twitter-verse. We have also hand-crafted two new WordPress content plug-ins, which we will be excited to showcase over the next few weeks.

Welcome Back to The Fold

So with that, we are once again excited to welcome Mr. Rennie to the Armadillo Studios family. We wish him all the best as he goes about fostering a unique personal brand within the academic world.