A few months ago, good friends of mine were all a buzz about a new project that was making the rounds of the Calgary social network-o-sphere called “Grow Calgary”:http://www.growcalgary.com.


From the brainchild of Calgary-based food advocate “Paul Hughes”:http://paulin8.blogspot.ca/, Grow Calgary’s goal is to take unused provincial land and through the generosity of Calgarians “transform it into 100,000 pounds of fresh vegetables for the cities’ less fortunate”:http://www.growcalgary.ca/. To say it is an ambitious plan is an understatement, but if there is a city that could pull it off, Calgary is the one.

So as the project gained legs and started to make waves in early May, I reached out to Mr. Hughes and volunteered to lend a hand by helping to beef up their web site. With the support of the Grow Calgary team, Team Armadillo was able to whip together a colourful and responsive web site that provides potential volunteers and supporters key information regarding the initiative.

The site itself is a pretty standard build, leveraging bold web fonts and large photography to convey the group’s goals and founding principals. The site is also built on a custom responsive framework so it can be viewed on any mobile device or tablet. We again leveraged the powerful Gravity forms plug-in to provide the organization with a quick and simple way to retain potential volunteer information and donor support.

Grow Calgary - Directions

And while building a web site is only a small piece of the overall project, I am extremely proud to have lent a hand with this bold and imaginative grass roots organization. If you are interested in helping out Grow Calgary during the next few weeks or in the ever important harvesting season in the fall, please reach out to them at “http://www.growcalgary.ca/volunteer/”:http://www.growcalgary.ca/volunteer/ or connect with the group on “Facebook”:https://www.facebook.com/GrowCalgary.