Yikes, where has time gone? It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, now we’re thirty days into the new year. Well, it’s time to get back into the groove of things again with our first _Nine-Banded_ post of 2013.

Nine-Banded - Novemeber 14th, 2012

So here you go. Please enjoy!

1. Gothic Extra

Gothic Extra

One of the most cumbersome tasks in web design can be creating an appropriate content separator. Sure it’s easy to create a “simple double line separator”:http://cre8tivenerd.com/2011/01/how-to-create-an-awesome-line-separator-in-website-designs-using-photoshop/ to divvy out areas of content on a page or a blog, but what happens when you need to create something with a stronger retro script vibe? Cue the “Gothic Extras font set”:http://www.hypefortype.com/browse-fonts/free/gothic-extras.html with a wide spectrum of great type for separators or even retro borders.

2. 2BIT

2Bit T-Shirts

“2Bitshop”:http://2bitshop.com/ is a fantastic new T-shirt site just popped up on radar yesterday and is from the great people at Calgary design outfit “Made By Uppercut”:http://madebyuppercut.com/. Similar to “the great Pictograph poster from the CBC”:https://www.armadillostudios.ca/nine-banded-picto-canada-edition/, each of these great retro shirts reveals a very cool pop cultural icon in two simple pixelated images. Can you figure them all out? Here’s a hint one of them is “Napoleon Dynamite”:http://2bitshop.spreadshirt.com/sweet-jumps-mens-A11874294/customize/color/2.

3. Letterhead Fonts

Letterhead Fonts

Over the past couple of months we’ve put together a “handful of retro logo designs for clients”:http://dribbble.com/shots/812732-Vintage-Turn-Of-The-Centrury-Email-Header?list=users. The font foundry we turn to when these types of projects come a knocking is “Letterhead Fonts”:https://www.letterheadfonts.com/. If you are ever in need of some fantastic retro fonts, just spend a few minutes searching their incredible catalog and you are bound to find exactly what you’re need.

4. Modernist Logos For Canadian Provinces/Territories

Modernist Logos For Canadian Provinces/Territories

A massive shout out to the always influential “Poploser”:http://poploser.org/2013/01/29/modernist-logos-for-canadian-provinces-and-territories/ for drawing our attention to this one. Ottawa designer, Michael George Haddad has put together a collection of spectacular modernist logos for “all the Canadian Provinces and Territories”:http://www.behance.net/gallery/Mid-Century-Canada/6782089. Have a look as these are very sharp.