Launched earlier in the 2013 Calgary Municipal election campaign cycle, “John Mar’s re-election site”: is just one of the most recent political web site redesigns that Team Armadillo has released the past year. | On The Campaign Trail

Designed with the potential voters in mind, the John Mar re-election campaign site leverages the always powerful WordPress Content Management System to help showcase the impressive resume and list of accomplishments of the incumbent. The site design is based on a simple yet content driven layout, which leverages John’s strong campaign colours, web typography, visible action items and a mild hint of JQuery and HTML5 to provide the potential voters with the greatest amount of content and information.

The design also utilizes a bevy of fantastic photography from John’s tenure as Councillor (or Alderman) to showcase his strong commitment to working with the citizens of Ward 8. The intuitive nature of WordPress also allows for the campaign team to quickly and easily update content on the site to showcase different elements of John’s platform and to address various campaign topics. | The Platform

While maintaining our usual standard design and development practices, we also crafted together some key HTML form interfaces using Gravity Forms. With these custom forms, the campaign team has a “simple integration with the team’s Paypal account”: and current database information to quickly collect potential voter and supporter information. The site also leverages some of the more powerful and reliable WordPress social plug-ins (such as Digg Digg, miniTwitter and the Facebook API) to integrate John’s social media presence clearly into the site. | Get Involved

We are incredibly excited to be a part of John’s team over the past few months and we look forward to working with the campaign during the home stretch of the campaign.