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DCWEEK2011: Armadillo Invades Digital Capital Week

Team Armadillo Invades DCWEEK 2011

Members of Team Armadillo are once again excited to announce our participation in Washington DC’s “Digital Capital week”: Running from the week of November 4th, the Digital Capital Week (“#DCWEEK”: unites the ever growing DC, Virginia, and Maryland tech community in a barrage of conferences, talks, parties and local home grown events. Last year, we were lucky enough to attend a variety of “events through out the inaugural week”:, so we are more than excited for round 2.

To kick off our participation, members of Team Armadillo volunteered our time to help out local DC organization, “Bread For The City, with their DCWEEK Tech Day last saturday”: For a first run and such a unique concept the event was a fantastic success. The entire day united a variety DC tech volunteers with the local clients of Bread For The City. There was a fantastic amount of sharing of knowledge and some great conversation between community members and tech innovators. It was a great event to be apart of and we were more than happy to lend a hand.

In addition, to checking out some of the other events throughout the week, Team Armadillo will be partaking in the all-day “Core Conference on Thursday November 10th”: and also two discussions on Friday November 11th – “Gamification Perspectives
Diverse approaches to engagement, design, problem solving, & avoiding the buzz”: and also “Vote Tech”:

It’s sure to be an exciting week and if you see memebers of Team Armadillo around, say hello and we’ll even share a couple of our beloved stickers with you.

DCWEEK2010: 140 Conference

To conclude our time at DCWeek, Team Armadillo had the privilege of taking in the D.C. edition of the “140 Conference”:

Started last year, by Jeff Pulver, the 140 Conference is a platform for the worldwide twitter community to come together and discuss the impact of Twitter, and to an extent the larger Social Connectivity of our culture. It’s a quick single day event, where speakers and panelists are give less than 20 minutes to cover their desired topic. The added bonus of last week’s event in Washington, was that it corresponded with “Digital Capital Week”:

The D.C. 140 Conference was filled with an “impressive line-up of thinkers and speakers”: To detail each talk would probably fill three or four blog posts. So for the sake of brevity, I am going to detail three of the most interesting talks from the day.

The Salty Campaign

One of the more interesting talks revolved around Eric Weaver, an Agency executive with Vancouver based DDB. In his talk, Eric described the success of the “Salty Campaign for Knorr Sidekicks”:

And while many people are familiar with the T.V. spots which infiltrated Canadian Networks last year, how many of you are familiar with the accompanying Social Media campaigns?

Probably not many of you, but the campaigns were a huge success. In conjunction with the T.V. commercial, DBB also launched campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. On one hand user were able “to purchase Salty and Pepper shakers”: and once people received their shakers. they were encouraged to promote pictures of their Salty in everyday life on Twitter. The second part of this aspect of the campaign allowed users who befriended Salty on Twitter and Facebook access to two hilarious video clips to expand the Salty story.

Here is one of the extra videos below.

Eric spent his time talking about the success of the campaign, but one of the key points he made was – _to have a successful campaign in this market, you have to have a corresponding relationship between Traditional Media and Social Media. Each tool has to compliment the other and it has to be geared to drive users towards the target campaign_.

*Sidenote*: Eric, although not a full-fledged Canadian, was one of the three Canadians at the conference. Of course the other two Canadians were “TEAM ARMADILLO”:!

Blake Hall & TroopSwap

Blake Hall is a one of the three founding members of “TroopSwap”:, an online tool designed to help soldiers who are constantly moving and transferring. His talk revolved around the concept of Enterprise 2.0 and how it can help communication issues within the Military.

Hall talked about implementing Enterprise 2.0 concepts and the ideals behind shared social networks to help communications between forces in combat zones. Hall’s visions revolved around the use of a massive discussion board or a secure Twitter like client (similar to “Yammer”:, where troops and commanding officers can safely pass on information in real-time to Platoon leaders. The goal of Hall’s vision is to ensure that information is available to all levels of a combat force in real-time.

Hall’s philosophy was that with so much collaboration and information being spread through these Social Networks, the concept of the Twitter and Enterprise 2.0 is something that could be leveraged to save lives in combat zones.

In a world where so much rhetoric is focused on brand development, ROI, and trends; Hall’s talk was an astonishing breath of fresh air.

The Browncoats: Redemption Project

One of the most interesting talks came from Mike Dougherty and Steven Fisher, who detailed their experience with leveraging the Twitter community to fund “The Browncoats: Redemption”:

The Browncoats: Redemption is a new film based in the Joss Whedon developed universe of Serenity and Firefly. But unlike the short-lived show Firefly and the movie Serenity, Browncoats is a completely fan-funded continuation of the mythos. It is the brain child of Mike and Steven and during the 140 conference, the two discussed the project and how they have used Twitter and Facebook to spread the word to the ravenous Firefly community to help fund their vision.

The 140 Conference

The 140 conference was an exceptional day of thoughts and discussion. As mentioned, I could go on about each of the 50 speakers, but it would probably be a bit of an overload of information.

If you do get a chance to attend a 140 Conference, please to take advantage of the opportunity. You won’t regret it.

DCWEEK2010: Media 2.0 Day & The Probono Lounger

For the past two days, Team Armadillo has venture into the heart of D.C. for two separate “Digital Capital Week Events”:

Media 2.0

On Tuesday, Armadillo descended on to the headquarters of National Geographic for a full day discussion on “Media and it’s role in the Web 2.0 World”: With a heavy hitting list of speakers from NPR, USAToday, National Geographic and the Pew Institute it was a wonderful day chalk-full of information.

Some of the most interesting tid-bits of information from the day came from the round table discussion in the morning on Social and Traditional Media.

Yes, this topic has been dissected ad nauseam at many other conferences and events, but this panel provided some interesting insight into the evolution of Social Media by some of the giants of Traditional Media. From the NPR’s usage of crowd-sourcing to provide geo-locational information in advance of Hurricane Gustov to The National Geographic’s implementation of a powerful members site to allow a more immersible social experience with their product, it was a refreshing site to hear the supposed _dinosaurs of traditional media_ embracing and championing Social Media.

But one of the most interesting concepts came from USAToday’s Brian Dresher who revealed a new spin on a frequently discussed topic – *ROIII – Return on Interaction, Influence and Investment*.

This concept is one of the key factors that USAToday leverages to analyze and evaluate their implementation of Social Media. It essentially expands upon the typical monetary value placed on Social Media and instead looks at how much interaction and influence USAToday is able to grow with the latest upcoming technology.

Probono Consulting Lounger

On Wednesday, Armadillo Studios had the pleasure of partaking in a special DCweek event called – “The Probono Lounge”:

Essentially, this 4 hour brainstorming/work session was designed to pair Designers, Strategists and Developers with local D.C. area non-profits and help them tweak their online presence.

Armadillo Studios was lucky to team up with an excellent group of WordPress specialists and developers to help two local organizations – “DC Food For All”: and “Bread For The City”: And while some technical difficulties limited everyone’s ability to really pour into the code, the event was a great success with the seeds of future collaboration planted.

Up Next…

Thursday is another big day at DCWeek with the ever popular “140 Conference”: set to take place.

DCWEEK2010: Armadillo Invades Digital Capital Week

From June 11th until the early morning of June 20th entrepreneurs, designers, social media enthusiasts and techies from all over the D.C. region are descending on the American Capital for “Digital Capital Week”:

And Armadillo Studios will be there.

*DC’s Digital Capital Week* is ten-days of New Media goodness. The event is attracting attention from developers, designers, media thinkers, and NGO’s alike. There are a variety of events planned for the week and Armadillo Studios will be in there full force. If you happen to be attending “Media 2.0 day”:, ”
Social Media & Gov Day”:, the “140confrence”: or even the closing party, keep and eye out for us.

But more importantly, Armadillo Studios will be partaking in the always popular “ProBono Lounge”: on Wednesday June 16th. The ProBono lounge teams designers, developers and strategists with local nonprofits and government organizations for an afternoon of collaboration. Because of which we will be providing our expertise and advice for a couple of local non-profits to help fine-tune their online strategies.

So if you are in the D.C. area for Digital Capital week and happen to see Team Armadillo at one of these events, don’t be afraid. Drop by and say hello. We’d love to meet you.