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SXSW08: Advertising for Newbies

We know we’re jumping around a bit on describing SXSW, but it has been a fairly hectic few days since returning from SXSW.

So let’s get back on track, Day two of SXSW was an informative and inspirational day of sessions. As mentioned in the previous post, the very interesting “icanhasacheezburger”: session really took over the day.

But one of the most important client side sessions came early on Sunday morning. A session simply called “Online Advertising for Newbies”:

Here at Armadillo Studios, have been continuously working with our clients to capitalize on various revenue generating streams; it was nice to see some of the recent success stories and to discover some new ideas.

The session provided ample information regarding different avenues in which web logs can transition their content and passions in to revenue. Some ideas were fairly basic and included; the incorporation of “AdBrite ads”: or “DoubleClick”: ads into a site’s layout. These ads generate revenue for the publisher based on clicks per million visits. (Basically the number of clicks an ad gets based on a One Million views) Or bloggers can align themselves with large professional blogging networks like ProBlogger or “eMoms at home”:, which will pay bloggers who bring their wealth of new readers to their networks. Or even the idea of bloggers selling local banner space to local restaurants and businesses to provide a local connection to their readers.

Some of the more unconventional ideas included incorporating’s referral program or an iTunes referral program to give bloggers a percentage of all purchases directed from the site. Web logs that deal with pop culture issues or deal directly with cooking can greatly benefit from this form of revenue, as it generates income based on content. This idea works hand in hand with sites that promote or review a variety of products.

If you are interested in ways to generate income on your web log, feel free to contact us. You don’t even have to be an existing client; we really enjoy helping people get the best from their web logs.

Hey! That’s why we call ourselves blogging experts.

SXSW08: SXSW Interactive 2008

2008 marks the first year that *Armadillo Studios Inc.*, will be attending the “SXSW Interactive Festival”: in Austin, Texas.

Primarily known for the later Music portion of the festival, the SXSW Interactive Conference is an important industry wide event. With companies such as Google, Adobe, Threadless, Yahoo!, Veer, IstockPhoto and 37signals attending; this event is the place for the small and the large players in the industry to discuss trends and the future of the internet.

Armadillo is thrilled to be attending this years event. Not only will we represent Southern Alberta; but we also plan on learning a bit, making some contacts and bring back the latest trends for our beloved clients.

Starting *Friday morning* we will be web logging the entire conference. Be sure to check back for some great pictures and even better video to show everyone the latest and greatest from Austin.