We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of yet another web site redesign. This time Team Armadillo Studios worked with our new friends at “Calgary based T-Shirt company Boy Burma”:http://www.boyburma.com to not only revamp the existing site, but to customize a new e-commerce solution.

Boy Burma | The King of All Tees

Boy Burma, is a local T-Shirt Apparel company launched in 2011. The owner Jeremy, approached us early this spring to help bring his new and growing company to the next level. Since launching last year, Boy Burma’s unique design have begun gaining traction through various local festivals and word of mouth (for the record, as ravenous Flames fans, Team armadillo is very fond of the Classic Calgary shirts). But Boy Burma wanted to started moving towards a E-commerce solution and to start selling their merchandise online. So after a fantastic afternoon discussion, we set about rebranding the online identity and brainstorming the best solution for the company to reach it’s online goals.

Boy Burma - New Post Link

As with many of our redesigns, the new version of the Boy Burma site is powered by the always flexible WordPress Content Management System. The new design pares the already existing Boy Burma branding with a minimalistic web font design aesthetic. The basic design of the site is based around a standard Blog skeleton, but with a more appealing flare and design. We also crafted numerous elements of the new design to attract the attention of visitors towards the newly minted E-commerce Store.

And of course, the new E-Commerce Store was the second biggest element of the project. After spending time understanding Jeremy and Boy Burma’s online goals, we decided that a customized “Big Cartel portal would be the best solution for the company”:http://boyburma.bigcartel.com. Not only would Big Cartel provide us with the flexibility to continue on the new look and vibe of the site, but it would also provide a full range of options for Jeremy for adding new product, supplies or elements of his new business.

Boy Burma | T-Shirts Galaore

Now to be honest, most of the team at Armadillo Studios are T-Shirt aficionados and the opportunity to work with a local T-Shirt company has been secretly on our project Bucket List for some time. But after working with Jeremy and getting to know his new company even more, we are extremely excited to be apart of this new venture. We can’t wait to see the company grow and of course to seeing Calgarians wearing the Boy Burma logo in the near future.

So if you have a moment, not only check out the “new Boy Burma site”:http://www.boyburma.com, but support a new and upcoming Calgary based company.