Late last year Calgary-based *TEKTELIC Communications Inc.*, approached Armadillos Studios to help redevelop the company’s online entities. TEKTELIC wanted a fresh new online presence which better encapsulated their presence within the Telecommunications industry. So without hesitation our team took on the task of not only building a new and comprehensive WordPress powered site, but to also re-brand the TEKTELIC’s Social Media accounts.

And after a couple of months of hard work, we are happy to launch the newly minted “TEKTELIC Communications web site”:

TEKTELIC Redesign - 2012

Our first task for the project was to transition TEKTELIC’s old web site from a Flash-based infrastructure to the more flexible WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Using our years of experience with the WordPress CMS, we designed a versatile site that reflected the professional nature of this emerging company. From a design perspective, we crafted a theme and layout that leveraged the unique branding of the company. For each of the six elements of the site (Products, Solutions, News, Careers, About and Contact pages) we tied the pages to one of the unique colours embedded in the company’s logo. We also crafted a more approachable and open layout, which would be more inviting to potential clients.

TEKTELIC Redesign 2012 - Product showcase

In addition to the general design elements, we also levered many of the companies lush 3D product renderings to better highlight the skills and attributes of this unique company. We also incorporated a simplistic iconography to the overall site, which in turn will better help visitors understand the different elements of the site. We also integrated the company’s Social Media accounts into the site, by creating visible links to all accounts in the header and footer, while also featuring the companies latest “tweets”:!/tektelic in the sidebar of the news section. We also leveraged some basic social sharing aspects, which allow every press release, news article or career posting to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

TEKTELIC Redesign - 2012

In addition to the redesign of their web site, we also set out to refresh TEKTELIC’s Social Media accounts. Team Armadillo gave the existing Twitter account”:!/tektelic a stylized face-lift by crafting a new avatar and a custom background. We also connected the team with our favorite twitter tool “Hootsuite”: and provided the team with a plethora of information to better improve their brand experience on Twitter. We also took their existing “LinkedIn profile”: and updated it by developing a series of product pages inside the company’s profile. Last but not least we revamped their “Facebook account”: with detailed images of their product and a matching landing page designed to encourage users to _like_ the page and get to know the company a bit better.

TEKTELIC Facebook Customization - 2012

It’s been a fantastic few months working with the team from TEKTELIC and helping them to drastically improve their online presence. We wish the company all the best in future and welcome them in to the growing family of Armadillo Clients.