Early this year, we were pleased to announce the launch of our redesign for Miles Davison LLP (“milesdavison.com”:http://www.milesdavison.com).

Miles Davison Redesign - 2012

Miles Davison LLP., is a long standing and established legal firm within the city of Calgary. They are a versatile organization with a wealth of expertise, which pride themselves on their close-knit relationship with their clients. In 2011 they approached Team Armadillo to help create a new online home for the firm; one that would not only modernize their online presence, but also better reflected their corporate culture.

With that mandate set out with four main goals for the new redesign. The first was to modernize the look and feel for their new web site. The second was to streamline the navigation and make it easier for potential clients to find specific lawyers based on areas of expertise. The third goal was to create a site which was easy for the Miles Davison team to update on a regular basis. And the fourth and final goal, was to build a site that was more conducive for search engines.

Miles Davison Redesign - 2012

Using the WordPress Content management system, we were able to craft a unique web site that better reflected the professional nature of the firm. We leveraged web fonts and their already existing branding palette to create a new minimalistic layout site. We also dramatically improved the navigation by incorporating a versatile search functionality and by adding a expanding accordion sidebar to allow users to jump directly to a specific lawyer or expertise area from any page of the site.

One of the other key aspects of the site that we redeveloped was the Lawyer profile system. We customized a layout which not only better showcases the expertise and skill set of their current roster of lawyers, but also provides potential clients with the tools to get in touch through downloadable v-cards. On the backend of the web site, we crafted a customized WordPress plug-in to allow for easy to update profile creation for the team at Miles Davison. By using the WordPress CMS and developing a robust set of content, we also crafted a site that was not only informative, but highly conducive to the search engine algorithms of Google and Bing.

Miles Davison Lawyer Profile - 2012

As mentioned, we are thrilled to have worked with the team at Miles Davison over the past few months. It was a pleasure to work with such a well established firm in Calgary and we look forward to working with them again in the future.