As usual things have been fairly exciting in the *Armadillo Studios camp* for the past few months. In addition to our usual gambit of web design projects, we are also working furiously to launch our first “iPhone App”: and on a re-branding of our main corporate web site to celebrate our “5th Anniversary”: But in the meantime, we’d also like to share with you three new site releases that we just rolled out at the beginning of September.

These three new projects are the launch of “”:, and the redesigns of “”: and “”:

The Launch of

Klintec.Tv Web Site Development -2011

As usual, we are always excited to work with our friends at “HOWSICK Enterprises”: on their latest projects. So it was our pleasure to be able to hand craft a single product page for their new product release – The *Klin-Tec Refrigerator Mats*.

At the request of HOWSICK, we put together a simple single page design to help promote the North American release of this new product. Using embedded web fonts from “Typekit”: and some fantastic stock photography, we were able to craft a page that is not only eye catching, but also incredibly informative and to the point.

_Web Site Details: WordPress Powered CMS, Crafted in Photoshop, Jquery, FancyBox and HTML/CSS_

The Redesign of Redesign - 2011

Tracey Stock has been one of Armadillo’s longest clients and earlier this summer, he asked us to revamp the look and feel of “”: So leveraging a new gold and black branding scheme, we set about creating a very modern layout and improving upon elements of the original theme design. We revamped the SEO optimization elements of the site, updated the the font usage by incorporating a more professional family of web fonts and added some simple stock photography to reinforce the legal corporations core activities.

_Web Site Details: WordPress Powered CMS, Crafted in Photoshop, Leveraging Typekit and HTML/CSS._

The Rebranding of

c.t.overdrive Redesign - 2011

“”: has been one of Armadillo’s longest running web sites and predates the creation of the company. So it goes without saying that after six years, the site was due for a massive redesign and re-branding.

Our first step for this project was to create a unique branding element, one that would capture the essence of the site and it’s author. So we created a unique 3-D robot logo and incorporated the eclectic “Wagner Grotesk font”: Then we set about redesigning and revamping the layout, including redistributing the various social media APIs, the creation of a unique colour scheme and then the redevelopment of the site structure.

_Web Site Details: Textpattern Powered CMS, Crafted in Photoshop, Built in HTML/CSS._

Three New Sites And More To Come

While we are already hard at work on our next series of projects, we wanted to take some time to showcase these three new launches and to share some of our excitement for our clients. We also wanted to use this opportunity to showcase some of the diversity in our portfolio. From personal blogs, to full-fledged corporate sites to product sites, we can build pretty much any type of web site.