The old Armadillo Blog has been rather quiet the past comple of months, as I put some of the finishing touches on a massive redesign of our web site and the finishing touches on a couple of campaign sites for the upcoming civic election in Calgary. In the meantime, I figured it would be good to do a dual post to catch-up with two really cool personal blog redesigns that were launched over the past two months for two incredibly smart entrepreneurs. Those sites of course are the redesign of “Leah Lawrence’s personal blog”: and the redesign of Sarah Blue’s Get Mommy Some Gin.

Working with our good friends over at “WMS Communications Inc.”:, Armadillo set about crafting a clean and minalmistic site that would allow Leah Lawrence the ability to showcase her incredible talent. Leah is an important figure within the Energy sector in Calgary, as the out going president of APEGA and an active contributor to Oil and Gas weekly. So not only is she an incredibly bright individual, but someone who is pushing the energy sector in a new direction.

Using the powerful WordPress CMS, we built a clean and crisp site that is easy for Leah to maintain and also gives her the resources to connect with her audience. We also imported all of her content from two different sources and provided a suite of tools to improve her SEO rankings and social elements for simple sharing across multiple networks.

Besides having one of the greatest blog names on the internet, Sarah Blue is one of North Americas’ most influencial tech minds. As a marketer, innovator and expert on crowd sourcing, she has built an incredible following with a variety of side projects. She also has an amazing snese of humour and “”: is that outlet.

Using elements of Sarah’s popular “I Know Smart People project”:, which we built last year, The Get Mommy Some Gin site is a porting of a existing blog from the now defunct posterous platform. One of the biggest tricks with this design and development was to not only transfer over all of the content, but to ensure that the site retained it’s strong SEO metrics and of course it’s humour and wit.

Armadillo Studios is excited to welcone both of these great entrepeneurs to the family of clients. If you would like to explore a personal blog redesign, get in touch at any time.