On August 31st, *Armadillo Studios Inc.*, will celebrate the beginning of our fifth year as a web design outfit.

Calgary Web Design - What Does Armadillo Do?

Over the past five years we’ve had the pleasure of working with a “variety of great clients”:https://www.armadillostudios.ca/our-clients/ on a whole spectrum of projects in Calgary and across North American. We’ve built online identities for a range of different businesses, partnered-up as consultants with our Drupal and WordPress expertise and even worked as social media consultants to help kick start some very successful campaigns. We’ve also lent our skills to a variety of non-profit causes; from the “yycPhotobook project”:http://www.yycaphotobook.com to the “yycapps.com project”:http://www.yycapps.com to the SXSWiseasy campaign to helping the “DCFoodForAll project”:http://dcfoodforall.com/. But in the busy and hectic world of web design, as an organization we have never really explained *what we do*.

So what better time to do this then in the weeks leading up to our fifth year of existence. As they say, _better late than never_.

Web Design and Online Branding

Calgary Web Design - WordPress / Drupal Based Web Design

Over the past few years we’ve created a name for ourselves by building a variety of online identities using the powerful *Worpress and Drupal Content Management Systems*. We’ve built web sites for *small to medium businesses*, *best selling authors*, *international non-profits*, *nation-wide show tours*, *popular entertainment & tech blogs* and also *national online magazines* in Calgary and across North American.

As a web design outfit, we strive to always build upon on our current skillset and to constantly learn. But just to keep things simple, here is what we specialize in:

* *Standards based HTML/CSS* web design and redesigns.
* *Pixel Pushing* (i.e. Photoshop and Illustrator Graphic Design). We also do corporate branding.
* *JQuery*, *Ajax* and *PHP* coding.
* Everything to do with the *WordPress Content Management System*. (including custom plug-in development)
* *Drupal* theme development and customization.
* *Adword Campaigns*, *SEO Optimization*, and *Google Analytics*.
* We also build *E-commerce sites*, using either UltraCart or E-junkie.

WordPress and Drupal Guns For Hire

On a few different occasions, Armadillo Studios has been hired by other new media outfits to provide our expertise in HTML/CSS, Graphic Design and the WordPress & Drupal Content Management systems. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with these firms, providing to help them overcome the final hump on their latest projects.

Through our web and graphic design consulting services, Armadillo Studios acts as a silent partner in the process; allowing our clients to not only meet tight deadlines, but take all the glory and satisfaction from their clients. Over the past five years we’ve worked with a variety of firms from advertising and communications studios, to development firms all the way to magazine publishers.

Smart and Organic Social Media Campaigns

Calgary Web Design - Social Media Campaigns

On more than one occasion Armadillo Studios has used our years of experience in the Social Media realm to help companies kick start their online presence. We pride ourselves in taking a very organic approach to Social Media campaigns. We start slow and steady to ensure our campaigns are not only well thought out, but that they are genuine and sincere. (i.e. We won’t damage your brand, by being annoying)

Our social media consulting programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as getting us to launch a twitter account all the way up to a three month social media campaign. Here are some of the things we can do for your business:

* *Customized Social Media Branding* (twitter backgrounds, avatars, facebook banners, etc.,)
* One-two hour personalized *Social Media Seminars*. Whether you are in Calgary or across North America, We’ll create accounts for your business and show you how to use the tools. (These also come with our customized instruction manuals)
* Blog set-up and installation.
* Customized *Facebook Fan Pages*. (for a great example check out “our own fanpage”:http://www.facebook.com/armadillostudios)
* *Social Media Integration* into your current web site. We’ll navigate the confusing world of API’s to get your tweets, instagram photos or facebook updates on to your site.
* *Social Media Analytics* (Through Hootsuite or Radian6).
* *Outside the box thinking*, Business integration in to Foursquare, Instagram, Klout and Vimeo.
* Full throttle *Social Media Campaigns*. If you need to get someone to drive the machine for a bit while you learn the ropes, we are the team to call. We’ll use our years of experience and personal klout to get your project off on the right foot.

Over the past five years we’ve had the pleasure of working on some great Social Media campaigns in Calgary and across North America. Some of our biggest accomplishments include kickstarting the “Downtown Calgary campaign”:http://blog.armadillostudios.ca/article/the-getdownca-campaign, updating Unrest Magazine’s social media identities and also launching the “yycApps community”:http://blog.armadillostudios.ca/article/the-yycapps-projects-gets-some-exposure. If you would like to know more about our expertise in Social Media, please check out some of our older blog posts or just get in touch with us.

And Introducing iPhone/iPad App Development

Calgary Web Design - iPhone Development

Every good company needs to grow and adapt to changing markets. And with that Armadillo Studios is now shifting towards the mobile market with the launch of our “Armadillo Apps”:http://apps.armadillostudios.ca/ program.

We now offer the following services:

* Customized iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad business application development.
* mobile browsing optimization for existing web sites.

Get In Touch

Now that you know what Armadillo Studios is about, why don’t get in touch. If you like what you’ve read or just need some one to discuss an upcoming project send us a note at _info@armadillostudios.ca_ or use “our contact us page”:https://www.armadillostudios.ca/contact-armadillo-studios/. We’re always looking to add some new friends to our “ever growing list of satisfied clients”:https://www.armadillostudios.ca/our-clients/.