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The New Web Site For Millennium Mortgage Group

One of the joys of building web sites for clients is the pleasure to work with up and coming entrepreneurs. Over the past summer, I had the pleasure to work with the Jackie Harris and Heather Carroll of the newly minted “Millennium Mortgage Group (MMG)”: to help develop a brand new web site for this new endeavour.

Millennium Mortgage Group
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Under Construction

New Web Site Coming Soon... We swear

Some of Armadillo’s more astute followers may have noticed a wee bit of a change to the old “Facebook”:, “Twitter page”: and “Google+” over the past few weeks. In particular, you’ll notice a switch from the company’s older branding and logo elements towards something a bit more 2013.

So why the change?

Well… after almost seven years in the business and a stale web site that was built towards the end of 2010, it is about time for a bit of a massive update. So over the next few weeks there will be some big changes to the web site and corporate blog. In addition, there will be some alignment changes to the overall business model. In particular, Armadillo Studios will make a minor shift away from a broad sweeping suite of services and instead focusing solely on WordPress Web Site Development, Social Media Campaigns and E-mail Marketing development for Business, Political Campaigns and Non-profits.

It’s a very exciting time at Armadillo and I’m uber excited to roll out the new revamped web site. So if you see a few things changing over the next few weeks, don’t fret things are just changing for the better.

Lending A Hand To Feed Calgary’s Homelessness with Grow Calgary

A few months ago, good friends of mine were all a buzz about a new project that was making the rounds of the Calgary social network-o-sphere called “Grow Calgary”:

From the brainchild of Calgary-based food advocate “Paul Hughes”:, Grow Calgary’s goal is to take unused provincial land and through the generosity of Calgarians “transform it into 100,000 pounds of fresh vegetables for the cities’ less fortunate”: To say it is an ambitious plan is an understatement, but if there is a city that could pull it off, Calgary is the one. (Read More…)

Happy Holidays 2012 Edition

With the holiday season fast approaching and another year about to wrap-up, your friends at Team Armadillo just want to send a very Happy Holidays to all our friends, family and clients. 2012 was a great year for us and we are incredibly grateful for all the support we’ve received in our fifth year of existence. We have some good things planned for 2013 and we can’t wait to show you what’s in the pipeline.

Happy Holidays From Team Armadillo Studios

So to everyone out there, Happy Holidays and we’ll see you in 2013!

The People Power App Hits The Market

Today Team Armadillo is incredibly excited to announce the launch of our very first iOS App – “The People Power App from the The International Center For Non-Violent Conflict”:

Earlier this year, we were approached by members of “The International Center of Non-violent Conflict”: to help create a unique iPhone app that would act as an aggregate for their various information outlets. The team wanted a customized app that would not only allow users to share the organizations incredible amount of unique data, but also a tool that would allow users to watch videos, download their paper _Civil Resistance: A First Look_, connect on social media networks and subscribe the latest news from the organization. The app also had to feature the upcoming redesign of the organization and their new branding scheme.

So we hand crafted an iOS app that would meet all of their goals. *The People Power App* is a unique tool that incorporates all the organization’s online identities in one single program to allow users to connect with the centre on the go. Users can see the latest news digest information, subscribe to the organization’s newsletter and learn about various non-violent conflicts across the world. Users can then share all elements of the app with friends and family to raise awareness of these crucial events and issues. The app also works across a wide spectrum of iPhone products including iPod Touch 3rd & 4th Generation platforms and of course for the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5.

We are incredibly honored and excited to be apart of this project. Not only because this our first major foray into the iOS App development world, after years of sitting on the sidelines, but because this is a cause and organization that we admire. It has been an absolute pleasure working with ICNC and we look forward to continue to develop the app and improve their online presence.

*The People Power App* is now available to download. Please feel free to download and share your feed back with us.